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"A Penny For Your Thoughts"

Here's a wonderful routine for an older couple or anyone who's been married a long time - say, 25+ years. Play it with respect and it can easily be your closer to a close-up show, not just on Valentine's Day, but also at weddings, etc. It is especially good for 50th wedding anniversaries.

EFFECT: A married couple demonstrates their mutual affinity as a card thought of by one spouse "makes an impression" in a coin held by the other. A heart pip vanishes from the thought-of card while it is held by the wife, and the penny in the husband's hand now has a heart-shaped hole in it!

With the special script provided you create an emotional moment and then give them two magically transformed objects to take home as mementos!

You get a dozen special pennies with a heart cut out, and complete instructions on how to make the simple card gaff, audience-tested handling, script, etc.

This has been a strong part of my banquet and wedding repertoire and now is available to performing magicians.

A Penny For Your Thoughts takes up almost no pocket space and plays BIG, for the biggest banquet tables or halls. I just performed it in June for a wedding reception of 250 people!

A Penny For Your Thoughts is only $10.00 postpaid in the U.S.

IMPORTANT: Price is for U.S. & Canadian orders ONLY.
Foreign Orders: Before adding to cart, please contact me at for accurate prices with shipping.
"Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful moment for us."
- J.S. & C.S, Frederick, MD