"Eric has given the working magician unbelievably valuable pieces of  knowledge that are only learned by years of experience. This information is worth its weight in gold. Fabulous." Doc Eason
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TIPS: Real-World Ideas 
From a Working Magician
by Eric Henning
50 pages.  PDF ONLY $30.00

Performing magic is not just about tricks, or even about marketing - sometimes, it's the little things that make all the difference! The things the magic books leave out: 

- The best shoes in the world for strolling magicians
- How to put together a wireless P.A. system for under $100
- How to routine a restaurant act for maximum impact
- When NOT to perform
- The biggest danger when performing outdoors
- How to manage your pockets
- When to take tips - and when not to
- Getting your name out in the event industry
- The two things that most performers forget to rehearse
- The best way to improve your speaking - and the cheapest
- An amazing giveaway item that costs only 3 cents - 
        complete with a killer routine

In "TIPS: Real-World Ideas from a Working Magician," 
Eric Henning gives you details others leave out. Details that 
can make the difference between frustration and success, especially when you're working in the real world. 

"TIPS" is more than 50 pages of knowledge and advice from a working performer who has "been there, done that" for nearly 
30 years.

Price: $30.00 PDF Only
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"This is really some of the finest information I have ever read on being a performing magician. Here are the tips that you can ONLY get from years of performing experience. The magic world doesn't need new books on tricks, it needs more books like this one!! This is magic in the real world of performance."
- Denny Haney
Denny & Lee Magic Studio

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Here's what 
MAGIC Magazine said:

"Eric Henning is a professional magician from Maryland. You may know him from his "Financial Wizard" column that ran in Jim Sisti's Magic Menu. In August of 2003, Mr. Henning set himself the task of writing a book of practical tips and suggestions for working magicians. For each of 30 days he contributed an article to Bruce Barnett's Electronic Grymoire. 

"The result of this endeavor is TIPS: Real-World Ideas from a Working Magician. The contents range from finding a good pair of shoes, taking care of your voice, pocket management, and how to assemble the components of a wireless PA system for $100. In addition to the nuts-and-bolts advice there are also some practical routines, including a memorable effect that gets your business card into the spectator's hands using an overlooked slum magic item. 

"This is a really fine book of advice that will save you time, energy and potential embarrassment. TIPS...is a real bargain. You can find it online at www.thewand.net."
 - Michael Close
MAGIC, January 2004
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